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Ear seeds are tiny vaccaria seeds or stainless steel pellets that are held in place by adhesive tape.  The seeds/pellets go on specific points on your ears, which apply healing pressure to these points and relieve a variety of symptoms that corresponds to your body.

(similar to foot reflexology)

The seeds/pellets will stay on your ears for

2-5 days total. It's ok if the seeds/pellets fall off on their own. If they do not fall off on their own, be sure to peel them off manually.

The Ear Seeds work in a series of treatments.

The seeds work cumulatively and need to be spaced out properly in order to continue building on your progress.

$50 for Ear Seeds on both ears

up to 2 concerns

additional $10 for 1 more concern

on both ears

 Ear Seeds help with 

sleep & insomnia


back pain/sciatica


weight loss


stress & anxiety

premenstrual discomfort

any body (muscles or joint) pain 

and more!

Allergies to cooper, nickel, gold plate and latex are contraindications for Ear Seeds.

 back, neck, & shoulder pain 


 headache, neck & shoulder pain 


 weight loss, tmj, stress 


 weight loss, shoulder, wrist & hand pain 


Specials cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

No refunds!

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