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 to enlighten; to shine upon 

Healing is a life-long process of releasing old experiences,

patterns of thought, and other energies that no longer serve us

and then integrating new energies,

 adopting new thought patterns

and achieving new levels of balance.  

In energy healing, we do not treat the symptoms,

the goal is to help the individual achieve balance in

all four energy bodies and

heal the energetic conditions that

manifested as symptoms.

Ho'omalamalama Healing



A unique customized treatment that utilizes

fire cupping, brick magnet, essential oils,

singing bowl, tuning forks, crystals

and other tools 

for a soul-touching experience.

*This is not a massage*

60 minutes, $100

Specials cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

No refunds!

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