to enlighten; to shine upon 

Healing is a life-long process of releasing old experiences,

patterns of thought, and other energies that no longer serve us

and then integrating new energies,

 adopting new thought patterns

and achieving new levels of balance.  

In energy healing, we do not treat the symptoms,

the goal is to help the individual achieve balance in

all four energy bodies and

heal the energetic conditions that

manifested as symptoms.

Ho'omalamalama Healing



A unique customized treatment that utilizes

fire cupping, brick magnet, essential oils,

singing bowl, tuning forks, crystals

and other tools 

for a soul-touching experience.

*This is not a massage*

60 minutes, $75

Wellness Healing


Wellness Healing is a simple, practical, energy healing modality.

Wellness Healing facilitates healing the four energetic levels

simultaneously: Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 

We refer to these four levels of energy as the four-body system.

As you move out from the physical body, each successive layer vibrates as a

higher frequency which and clears and balances all four energetic bodies.

This method taps directly into Universal Love and Light

and actively engages the higher self of both the healer and healee.

This is a hands-on practice.

60 minutes, $75


(pronounced RAY KEY)

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words

rei and ki meaning universal life energy.

Reiki is an ancient laying-on of hands healing technique

that uses the life force energy to heal,

balancing the subtle energies within our bodies.

Reiki addresses physical, emotional, mental

and spiritual imbalances. 



A Reiki session can help your body release emotional and physical pain. It's up to the client how much can be released.

Crystals may also be used and placed upon the client to assist with this type of healing.

60 minutes, $75

DISTANT REIKI (is also available)

Reiki energy is not limited or diminished by physical distance or time. Distance Reiki is a technique within the system of Reiki that enables me to give a Reiki session remotely. You can enjoy a Reiki session from the comfort of your own home and even across the world.

60 minutes, $75

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